may luncheon
Joyce Black, General Manager of the new Holiday Inn Express & Suites spoke to a large turnout of members and guests at the monthly Salem Chamber of Commerce Luncheon. Black noted many of the amenities the new 86 room hotel will offer: an indoor pool, breakfast bar, LED television sets, microwave and refrigerator, a fitness center and even an outdoor patio with fire pit. Black, a 36 year veteran in the hotel business explained the new “Formula Blue” concept focuses on being clean, modern and convenient. She stated how excited she is at the opportunities the new hotel will bring to Salem and its citizens. The hotel will employ between 22 and 25 and will open its doors on June 14th

May Chamber Luncheon

John Pruden
John Pruden, Director of the City of Salem Public Works Department was our second Chamber Luncheon speaker and spoke at length of a new program that will be instituted over the next five years. The new program will require water and gas meters to be modified to allow the sending of signals to a hand held unit some distance away. This will save time in that the meter reader will be able to read several meters in j…ust moments instead of the time it takes to walk to each residence and will allow consistent readings even in adverse winter conditions. The City Council has allocated $100,000 per year to each, water and gas, for the five years. Pruden also spoke briefly as to the responsibilities of the Public Works Department, mentioning the water plant, waste water plant, natural gas department, streets, and snow removal. At the conclusion of his presentation, […]

John Pruden of Salem Public Works spoke at the Chamber Luncheon